Significant ice storm expected in Tennessee this week


Cold air sitting over Tennessee has temperatures low enough for a significant winter storm this week; the primary threat looks like freezing rain in West and parts of Middle Tennessee starting Wednesday but getting heavier early Thursday.

Freezing rain accumulation, Baron 3K model (image created at 10 PM 2/9/2021

When ice accumulates to around 1/10″ you can have some substantial problems, especially with slick roads. When it’s around 1/2″ or more, you have big problems: power outages, numerous tree branches (and some whole trees) coming down, and depending on road surface temperatures, travel can come to a halt for hours to days.

NOAA’s Weather Prediction Center shows moderate impacts of this particular storm in northern Middle Tennessee and Kentucky. If you have plans to travel north on Wednesday and Thursday, be aware that roads as far south as Maury and Williamson Counties could have some patchy ice; the higher impacts will be farther north: Clarksville northward into Southern Kentucky.

Let’s be clear, Maury and Williamson would be in the “ehhhhh may if things work out just right you could have a little freezing rain.” Don’t expect a major storm there; it’s clear the highest impacts will be near/north of I-40 through Middle Tennessee.

What about Alabama???

What time will it hit your house?

This one won’t.

There’s a limited chance of some light freezing rain, drizzle and sleet Friday night. Temperatures won’t be cold enough long enough for a high-end, impactful ice event for Alabama this time.

Is there anything out there in the immediate future?

Well, not exactly. I’ve had several people tell me that “they said” snow’s coming or ice is coming next week. Have none of it, my friends. The numbers are changing in the modeling every day, and that’s why we aren’t calling for anything beyond seven days in the future. Just because you see it on Facebook doesn’t make it real.

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