Showers, cooler weather ahead through the first of May


Tuesday was the warmest day of 2021 so far in Huntsville: a high at 83°F. If you’ve been holding off on switching the air conditioning on, Wednesday will challenge your resolve! Temperatures only fall to the mid-60s early in the morning, and we expect mid-80s in the afternoon with a south-southwest breeze and a partly to mostly cloudy sky.

There is a slim chance of a shower or two: especially in Southern Tennessee in the afternoon. Most of us get no rain at all until sometime Thursday afternoon/evening.

In the short-term, most of the rain and storms stay northwest of Alabama and Tennessee because of a strong ridge nearby.

Ridges typically do two things (especially this time of year):

  • Keep the weather warm
  • Keep the weather dry

Severe storms are possible on the northwestern side of the ridge from Texas to New York: hit/miss, not extremely organized or widespread.

The ridge breaks down and a cold front slides into the Tennessee Valley on Thursday bringing showers, a few storms and a quick shot of cooler weather.

Thursday’s showers

April has been a relatively dry month compared to what climatology tells us ‘normal’ is for North Alabama. Huntsville International Airport has only measured 2.79″ of rain; ‘average’ would be 3.87″ meaning we’re 1.08″ below the norm for the month.

Thursday’s showers won’t catch us up, but they will be enough for at least some measurable rain around here.

When to expect it? Showers are possible from noon to 6 PM, but the best chance of appreciable rainfall (generally 0.25″ to 0.75″) comes between 6 PM and midnight; some leftover showers linger into Friday morning.

After Thursday’s showers taper off Friday morning, it gets a little cooler!

Expect below-average temperatures on Friday and Saturday, but it warms up again quickly early next week.

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