Scattered Storms In The Forecast For High School Football

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Scattered storms could cause issue for the kickoff of the high school football season: High school football is almost here, and unfortunately it does not appear Mother Nature is going to cooperate for everyone to start this season. Pretty much every year it’s still pretty warm and humid on week one, and that’s going to be the case this year. Unfortunately, in addition to the warmth and humidity, we also have scattered storms in the forecast for both Thursday and Friday evenings.

Hit or miss storms may cause some issues for some games Friday.

Now, not everyone will see rain on Thursday and Friday, but some spots will, and with storms in the forecast, we have to consider the safety issue lightning poses to both the fans in the stands and the players and coaches on the field.

Lightning poses a threat to those outdoors at football stadiums.

Lightning often strikes the tallest nearby object. Metal conducts electricity very well, so those metal bleachers fans are likely sitting on are incredibly unsafe. On a flat, open field like a football field, the players may be the tallest thing for lightning to strike. The goalposts are also a prime target for lightning. And while it might be easy to brush it off as unlikely, we live in a pretty dangerous state for lightning.

The Southeastern US has a large portion of the country’s lightning deaths since 1959.

Alabama ranks in the top 10 in number of lightning deaths by state, and most of the southeastern U.S. is in the top 10. So, if you happen to hear thunder on Thursday or Friday night, do the safe thing and head for shelter, like a car or inside a building. Better to be safe than sorry.

– Meteorologist Alex Puckett

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