Scattered storms expected Friday, and so is the heat!


Model guidance Thursday evening for Friday afternoon paints a picture of numerous thunderstorms. Expect a few in the area; some could be powerful with strong wind gusts.

Scattered thunderstorms still possible, but rainfall looks uneven!

A few storms are still possible tonight, but most of us stay rain-free. That leaves it partly cloudy, warm and muggy: lows in the 70ºF to 75ºF range by sunrise Friday.

Temperatures rise to around 90ºF by midday, and the heat index soars to near 100ºF. With no storms in the area, you’ll keep baking in the heat all day. Those who get a heavy storm will drop into the 70s.

As for the storms, the odds favor a hit-or-miss environment again: some get it, some don’t. Those who do get a storm will get a lot of rain, though!

The atmosphere is about as water-loaded as it gets around here, so the storms will have plenty of moisture available for manufacturing some heavy downpours.

Any storms that develop in the afternoon have some limited potential to be severe with strong wind gusts over 50 miles per hour, torrential rain and dangerous, frequent lightning.

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The weekend ahead…

Worried about all-day rain this weekend? That’s not going to be a big problem in Alabama and Tennessee. There is a good chance of more unevenly-scattered, hit-or-miss, locally-heavy thunderstorms on Saturday, but most of that rain is gone by Sunday afternoon: shifting southeast of the Tennessee Valley.

It stays hot and humid even with the scattered storms on Saturday; expect a high in the upper 80s and a heat index as high as the mid-90s.

On Sunday, drier air slowly begins to move in from the north. That doesn’t mean it feels crisp and fall-like around here, but it should shut down the daily dose of downpours for a few days. We’ll keep a low 20% chance of some showers through Sunday afternoon, but most of us look to be rain-free starting Saturday lasting through much of next week.

Looking for the rest of the forecast? It’s always online at and in the “Daily Forecast” section on Live Alert 19!

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