Remembering the Summer of 2012 – Some of the Hottest Air On Record In North Alabama


Eight years ago we experienced some of the hottest air on record in north Alabama. Our sixteen day average from June 23 to July 8 was 100.8°F. We hit 106°F in June 29 and 105°F on June 30 and July 1 respectively.

Here are some of my facebook memories from 2012!

The all-time record is 108°F in 1931.

Here is another one:

Why so hot? We had a dominate upper ridge across the southeast at this time. There was nothing to break it down to cool us off or bring rain. Nashville even hit 107°. It’s just a friendly reminder on how hot it can get around here in the summer. Historically, the hottest part of the summer is late July into early August.

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