Ready for the 90s?! They’re on their way!


Temperatures are heating up! Here is a roundup of the hottest temperatures on Saturday:

A ridge of high pressure has taken a firm hold over the Southeast over the past week, and that ridge will slowly move west through Sunday and Monday before parking over Alabama through the middle of next week.

This means hot and dry weather will prevail not only for Sunday, but extending into the middle of next week.

Sunday’s heat will be rather dry, as an east wind continues to pull drier air into the region despite the sunshine and hot temperatures. Sunday morning will start off in the low 60s (mild and dry).

Sunday afternoon will feature a few clouds drifting in to the region, and where cloud cover is thicker, temperatures may be a tad shy of 90 degrees. Areas that receive direct sunshine will climb to the low 90s.

Where’s the rain?!

High pressure is associated with dry weather because air is sinking within the center of the high. Sinking air dries out any moisture within the airmass, preventing anything more than fair weather cumulus clouds or high thin cirrus clouds from drifting by in the sky.

In the summer, high pressure is also responsible for a consistent stretch of abnormally hot weather, very much like what we will experience through the first half of this week.

High pressure has been dominating the weather pattern for over a week, keeping the majority of the region dry for 10+ days.

High pressure will continue to retrograde — or move west — over the Southeast early next week, shutting down any chance for rain through Wednesday.

A cold front will attempt to approach the region Thursday and Friday, bringing a small chance of rain to the region through the first half of the holiday weekend. While we certainly don’t want rain to ruin anyone’s holiday plans, it certainly would be welcomed after an extended period of hot and dry weather!

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