“Quietly” Making Our Way Through Summer

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It’s almost the end of July and historically this is the hottest part of the summer in the Tennessee Valley. While most of the country has seen triple digit heat, we haven’t hit 100° so far at Huntsville International Airport in 2019. The hottest temperature so far is 98°F on July 9. With Barry’s influence a mid-summer cold front, temperatures have been below average for the month of July. Check out July’s temperatures. Over the last couple of weeks, the average has been in the middle to upper 80s with the hottest stretch at the beginning of the month.


It started off toasty with eleven of twelve days in the 90s, but Tropical Storm Barry took care of that as highs dipped back into the 80s. A cold front knocked us back in the 80s again last week. Why below average? This is what’s happening. This is time of year we typically get a large, dominating Bermuda high across the southeast. That suppresses our rain chance and increases our temperatures to around 100°. Overall that hasn’t been the case this season. We’ve had tastes of hotter temperatures, but not anything record-breaking. Monday’s map tells the story:


Ridge too far west for very hot air for Tennessee Valley
Ridge too far west for very hot air in the Tennessee Valley


Look our far west the upper ridge is. High pressure is over Four Corners. As long as that system stays out west, we won’t see triple heat or record breaking temperatures here in the Tennessee Valley. There is another cold front moving in Tuesday that will increase our rain chances and knock our temperatures down some. Until that ridge moves east or another one builds in from the Atlantic Ocean, temperatures will stay near or slightly below average. We still have all of the August to go, so we’ll see what happens! Again, we are “quietly” making our way through summer!


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