March in like a lamb, and it stays that way for a while!


You know the old saying about March: in like a lamb, out like a lion (or vice versa).

Sunday night’s rain and storms led the way for a quiet start to the month of March; colder air blowing in dropped the temperature nearly thirty degrees in twenty-four hours: from 75ºF at 3:45 PM Sunday to 46ºF at 3:45 PM Monday.

Expect seasonably cool weather in the days ahead. ‘Seasonable’ in early March is a high around 61ºF and a low around 39ºF in the first seven days of the month. That’s essentially what we’ll have for the next week:

There is a stronger signal for warmth next week, though.

The days ahead for the first 10-12 days of the month look rather warm and dry.

February was the first above-average rainfall month since October; it was also much colder than average, too. March won’t follow that pattern!

Expect above-average warmth through the middle of the month:

This warmth could set up a stormy pattern between the 10th and 15th around Alabama and Tennessee!

That would be fairly common for a La Niña year like this; we typically see an increase in stormy weather in the Spring anyway, but Spring seasons coming out of La Niña winters can be especially rough.

March, April and May make up our ‘peak’ tornado season in Alabama and Tennessee. The peak of the peak is usually late April, so even though things look quiet right now, get ready for the inevitable stormy weather in the weeks ahead!

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