Looking Back at 2019’s Tornado Warnings

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Since the weather is nice and calm on New Year’s Eve, I thought I’d dig back through some data and see how many tornado warnings were issued, and where they were issued.

Lauderdale and Franklin counties led the pack this year with 7 tornado warnings each. 6 tornado warnings were issued this year for Colbert, Madison, Cullman, and Jackson counties. There were 5 tornado warnings for Franklin and Lincoln counties, and 4 warnings for DeKalb, Moore, Morgan, and Limestone counties. 3 warnings were issued for Marshall county in the past year, and Lawrence county only saw 2 warnings this year.

Above is a view of every tornado warnings issued by the National Weather Service in Huntsville. 36 different tornado warnings were issues this year. Most, but certainly not all of our area was under a tornado warning at some point in 2019.

NWS Huntsville has confirmed 15 tornadoes this year, including the latest on December 29 west of Athens in Limestone county. That data is still preliminary though, and subject to change before being finalized. One of the strongest tornadoes this year went through Lawrence county, causing significant damage in Town Creek and Courtland and tragically taking 2 lives. That tornado accounted for one of only two tornado warnings in Lawrence county this year. It just goes to show it only takes one storm to make an impact.

As we head into 2020, lets all hope for a quiet year,  but be prepared for whatever mother nature throws at us. One way to be prepared and receive warnings is to have the Live Alert 19 app. It will use your GPS location to let you know if dangerous weather is on the way, and you can set additional locations for alerts if you want.


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