Let the February Thaw Begin!


After the coldest stretch of 2021, the February thaw has begun! We hit 60° on Sunday afternoon. After a hiccup of 50s and rain,  it gets warmer from here. Expect more 60s Tuesday and Wednesday. The snow that is still hanging on in the Shoals and other parts of the Tennessee Valley will be gone. Check out this weeks temperature trend.

We just finished the coldest stretch of 2021 with eight days in a row with highs not getting to 40° including one of coldest days in decades on February 16. We only hit 19° at Huntsville International Airport. Middle 60s will feel ‘very warm’ after the latest cold stretch.

It makes you wonder going forward, what’s going to happen next? We’ll end February at or above average. What happens in March? That begins our severe weather season. It can still get very cold, but the long duration cold events aren’t as likely with the longer days and higher sun angle. March is known for a wide variety of weather. Stay tuned! We will see what happens!

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