Leonid Meteor Shower peaks this week, sky conditions look fantastic for sky gazing


Break out the blankets and camping chairs, the Leonid Meteor Shower peaks this week!

This year, the moon will set early in the evening, providing the perfect dark sky for spotting meteors. This year, as many as 10-15 meteors per hour are possible as the Earth crosses into the orbital path of Comet 55P/Tempel-Tuttle.

While the peak of the Leonids Meteor Shower will take place on Monday night through Tuesday morning, the opportunity to spot a meteor — and even a fireball — continues into late November.

For more information regarding the meteor shower, check the overview from EarthSky.org.

Cool and dry conditions will continue through the next several days as high pressure dominates the region. High pressure is associated with sinking air, which prevents clouds — and rain — from forming. This means starry skies and chilly temperatures at night.

Midnight temperatures will fall to the low 40s, with overnight lows in the mid 30s through the next few days. Clouds will not be a problem, and the moon will be out of the picture as well.

So head outside and admire the sky!

~ Christina

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