Huntsville residents welcome the return of the Sun after days below freezing

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What a difference a few hours can make. Warm midday temperatures were welcomed by Big Spring Park patrons, especially the young ones having fun with a bucket of feed.

"This morning I was hoping she didn't want to feed the ducks because it was a little on the cool side," said Butch Cassidy, a Huntsville resident out feeding ducks with his granddaughter.

With a low in the twenties, Friday morning was as cold as it was foggy. The icy, foggy start to the morning caused a headache for morning commuters. Whitesburg Bridge was iced over while traffic on Memorial Parkway and i565 were reduced to a crawl due to wrecks caused by the low visibility.

A couple of hours ago there's no way you could get me out here, it was too cold," said Jim Fletcher.

He waited to take a walk with his wife after waking up to the low morning temperatures. "It's a lot nicer now than it was this morning. Just a two hour difference."

Those two hours -- and nearly twenty degree difference, remind some of why they love the South.

"It always seems to get nice and warm," said Cassidy. "If it stayed as cool as it did like it would up North, we wouldnt be feeding no ducks."

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