How do you plan for more ‘scattered storms’ on Sunday?


Low temperatures by Sunday morning dip into the upper 60s and lower 70s, and that steamy air fuels more heavy, unevenly-scattered thunderstorms on Sunday afternoon.

Expect highs in the lower/middle 80s, a southwest wind up to 15 miles per hour, and occasional downpours with lightning, wind gusts to 35 MPH, and frequent lightning.

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What’s a locally-heavy or unevenly-scattered storm?

Locally-heavy thunderstorms? Unevenly-scattered thunderstorms? What does that even mean, and what can you do with it?

This is what one looks like using rainfall rate (calculated by radar) and the view from I-565 at Greenbrier Road Saturday afternoon just before 4 PM. THAT is a ‘locally-heavy’ thunderstorm: no rain at the camera site, tremendous rainfall (nearly a 5″ per hour rate) just west of Huntsville International Airport.

The ‘scattered’ storms in the forecast for Sunday follow that same pattern: some get soaked, some stay dry, but all endure the humidity!

A weak cool front in the area keeps the atmosphere stirred up, and the high humidity provides plenty of fuel for storms Sunday and Monday. By Tuesday, enough drier air (above the surface) moves in to at least reduce the daily threat of rain to a minimum through Thursday.

Spotty storms may become more common again by Friday and Saturday, but there are no days that are definite, sure-fire, everybody-gets-it kind of rainy days for the upcoming week.

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