Hottest weather of the season begins this week


Monday morning will start off mostly clear, however patchy dense fog is possible, especially in areas that received heavy rainfall on Sunday. Morning lows will drop near the dewpoint, ensuring the cool and moist start to the day.

Afternoon highs will rebound into the upper 80s and low 90s for Monday afternoon under a mostly clear sky. Dewpoints will still be in the upper 60s — while not necessarily in the “dry” category, these dewpoints will be low enough to keep heat index values from climbing into the “uncomfortable” territory.

Unfortunately, that won’t be the case for the rest of the week. Get set for the hottest conditions we have experienced so far this summer!

Hottest weather of the season begins this week

So far for Summer 2020, thermometers have topped out at 94 degrees twice this year at Huntsville International Airport: June 20 and July3.

It’s been a tad hotter in the Shoals, where thermometers reached 96 degrees on June 20 and 95 degrees on July 4 at the Northwest Alabama Regional Airport.

This pales in comparison to last October, though, when temperatures touched the triple digits two days in a row!

However, the heat that will be building this week is no joke. We are anticipating air temperatures to reach 94-97 degrees through Thursday. Coupled with the humidity, heat index values will be closer to 100-105 degrees.

The only hope of a cool down comes from a low chance of a brief shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon, and even then, rain won’t be in the picture until Thursday.

The reason for the heat? A strong ‘ridge’ over the region moves the primary jet stream north of the Tennessee Valley and literally squeezes down on the atmosphere. That ‘sinking’ motion in the air creates hotter, drier weather even if it’s not strong enough to completely get rid of the isolated showers/storms in the afternoons!

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