Hotter here soon but still no ‘extreme’ heat for now!


Three days at or above 90ºF so far: yes, it is usually hotter than that in May and June in Huntsville, Alabama!

In fact, the thirty-year average shows Huntsville should have around seven to ten days in the 90s by June 10th.

Recent rainy, cooler-than-average weather still has pool and lake water temperatures a little low, but that’s about to change! Summertime heat builds in the coming days; we’ll be close to 90ºF four-straight days before a brief cool down with a weak front on Wednesday.

Excessive heat out west, not so much here yet

The ‘ridge’ that kept it hot and dry back in the third week of May (the only 90s we’ve had so far this year) was a taste of what a strong ridge can do: keeping it hot and keeping it dry.

A stronger ridge building southwest of Alabama and Tennessee now gets even stronger over the western United States through the next five days:

That strong ridge in that position usually means dry weather for Alabama and Tennessee; however, occasional ‘waves’ of storms (called an MCS – mesoscale convective system) can come from that northwesterly flow. None of those show up in medium-range forecast guidance, but they can sneak up on us: only detectable a day or two in advance.

Wednesday would be a good candidate for one of those, but with less humid air moving into the area, the risk of storms is very low.

So how hot will it get under that big ridge?

Check out the highs forecast in Arizona next week! Highs in the 100s around Sedona and 115ºF to 120ºF in the Phoenix area.

This is really bad news for Lake Mead: already at an historic low and trying to supply water to 25 million people in the West:

Looking for the rest of the forecast? It’s always online at and in the “Daily Forecast” section on Live Alert 19!

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