Heavy Rain On The Way


We’ve got a good, soaking rain on the way this weekend. A few light showers begin to move in from the south by Saturday afternoon, and slowly become more widespread overnight. The rain Saturday will be relatively light.

On Sunday, we start off the morning with widespread light to moderate rain.

Widespread rain will continue through the day, and may be heavy at times. We don’t expect much (if any) thunderstorm activity with any of this, but it will still be a good, soaking rain.

Rainfall totals will range from around 1″ up to around 3″ or more in a few spots.

A forecast model isn’t going to be good enough to nail the exact location of the heaviest rain, but it can give us a good idea of the range of rainfall totals we can expect, and 1-3″ is what I think most people can expect from this, although there may be a few exceptions at either end of that range.

We’ll dry out and warm up as we head towards Christmas. Details on the Weather Discussion. 

Meteorologist Alex Puckett

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/meteorologistalexpuckett

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