Got Spring planting fever? Hold off a bit longer!


It may be tempting to take advantage of warmer days to get a head start on Spring planting, but it’s not quite time yet.

March is a volatile weather month: lots of change. Sometimes that change comes with powerful storms, and other times that change is just a big temperature swing!

The drier the weather, the more likely it is to be cold in the morning and warm in the afternoon; that’s what we have in front of us for the next week to ten days.

Anytime the air temperature drops to around 38ºF or below, frost can form on some plants and elevated surfaces like cars and rooftops. At 32ºF, tender Spring flowers and garden plants are in danger of freezing, and once it’s to 30ºF or below, you may lose a lot of what you’ve planted.

When is it safe to say we’re past the threat of frosts and freezes?

Start the countdown to early April! We’re about one month away from the ‘average’ final freeze in North Alabama and Southern Tennessee.

Huntsville’s latest freeze on record is May 7, 1944; it was May 2, 1909 in Muscle Shoals.

There are signs of some colder weather following a stormy mid-March period.

How cold? How stormy?

We’ll see how it plays out, but plan on some rainy/stormy weather in about 9-10 days and another threat of a freeze or two between March 15th and 20th.

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