Get used to the cooler, drier weather!


We won’t be getting any substantial rain for quite a while…

Monday was the last ‘big’ rain we will see for the next 10 to 15 days:

  • 1.31″ in Grove Oak (DeKalb Co.)
  • 1.03″ in Providence (West Huntsville)
  • 1.00″ in Huntland (Franklin Co., Tenn.)
  • 0.99″ in Madison
  • 0.83″ in Frankewing (Giles Co.)
  • 0.78″ in Flint City
  • 0.77″ in Downtown Huntsville
  • 0.64″ in Fayetteville
  • 0.61″ in Henagar
  • 0.53″ in Arab
  • 0.42″ Huntsville International Airport
  • 0.39″ in Scottsboro
  • 0.33″ in Cherokee (Colbert Co.)

August, September and October are usually the driest months of the year for North Alabama and Southern Tennessee: October being driest of all with only 3.59″ of rain on average.

Both August and September had their dry spells followed by tremendous rainfall (fueled in part by several tropical systems). If we have no tropical influence in October, we’re not getting much rain at all given the pattern we see developing.

In the short-term, expect “slim-to-none” when it comes to rainfall. The low, ten-percent chance of low-to-no impact rain on Tuesday and again on Sunday: that’s a technicality. It might “technically” rain a little, but it will have practically no impact.

Out in the medium-range, the first week of October stays drier-than-average and cooler-than-average.

This kind of pattern is not one that favors extreme cold, but the ‘cooler-than-average’ weather may be just enough to threaten frost on an occasion or two: especially in Tennessee.

Looking for the rest of the forecast? It’s always online at and in the “Daily Forecast” section on Live Alert 19!

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