February 2020 Recap: It rained 20 out of 29 days

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The results are in, and the Tennessee Valley endured a very wet February that culminated in a “leap day” that featured one of the few dry, sunny days of this month.

Rain gauges at the Huntsville International Airport collected 10.42″ of rainfall this month, which is 5.58″ above average. February 2020 will land in the record books as the fourth wettest February on record for the Huntsville area.

As wet as it has been in February 2020, it came about 3″ short of the all time wettest month, February 2019.

That’s not to say that February 2020’s rainfall had no impacts on the Tennessee Valley. In fact, numerous areas around north Alabama and south Tennessee were affected by the heavy rain and flash flooding:

And heavy rain continued to weaken road infrastructures around Highway 231 in Lacey’s Spring, causing a stretch of the highway to be closed indefinitely.

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