Dry Start To 2021 – Rain Chances Increasing In the Next Week


We haven’t said this in a long time. “It’s a dry start to the year.” I literally recall  getting flooded out in 2019 and 2020 with so much rain in the Tennessee Valley. I still remember Alabama Highway 101 north of Town Creek flooding out because of so much winter rain. It happened two years in a row! So far, we haven’t had anything close to that. Here is a look at Huntsville International and Northwest Alabama Regional Airports rainfall totals for January:

We haven’t had much. Only 1.06″ in Huntsville and less than that in the Shoals. Remember January is a continuation of our wet season in north Alabama. We average almost five inches for the month. Here is a look at January, 2021. 

We’ve only had three real days of rainfall. January 11 we had snow. 0.3″ officially at Huntsville International with some areas over northwest Alabama getting 1.5″. 

How Do Our Rain Chances Look?

Higher chances of rain are in the forecast. Only isolated showers today, but a greater chance of rain Thursday and Friday. Next week we could have heavier rain along with strong thunderstorms. We could get most of our January rain total in two systems through next week! As far as snow, it’s not in the forecast. 

Rain More Likely Thursday-Friday / Stormy Next Week

Rain totals will vary from 1.5″ to 3-4″. It just depends on how widespread those storms are next week. Stay tuned! 

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