December Snow Climatology: Huntsville’s historical snow events (and yes, it has snowed on Christmas Day)

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While the excitement of last Tuesday’s snow event has since melted away, it’s a good opportunity to look Huntsville’s history with regards to December snow events.

December 2019… So Far

A cold front pushed through the Tennessee Valley on December 10, dumping as much as 0.7 inches of snow at the Huntsville International Airport, and as much as 2 inches of snow in higher elevations of the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee.

It was the most snow to occur in the region — total — since the winter months of 2015, when 9.8″ of snow fell (the majority of which occurred in February of that year).

Top December Snowfalls

The data below shows the historic top December snowfalls for the Huntsville area.  On New Years Eve 1963, a Gulf Low storm brought heavy amounts of moisture into a very cold air mass — resulting in 21.4 inches of snowfall on the final day of 1963.

In more recent memory, it snowed on Christmas Day 2010, when 2.8 inches was recorded at the Huntsville Airport.

Below is a look back at that snowy event from our late colleague, Mike Wilhelm.

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