‘Cool’ for a while means no big storms for now!


It’s mid-April. There’s an anniversary of a major tornado just about every day this time of year. It’s the height of tornado season.

But it’s not doing anything like that now. How long can we luck out?

April is the most active tornado month in Alabama

In the short-run, it’s a slam dunk forecast: no severe weather through at least the middle of next week.


It’s going to be too cool and stable; an unusually deep trough over the East brings in cool dry air from the north and closes the door to the Gulf of Mexico’s influence.

No warm, humid air from the Gulf? No severe storms.

Rainfall through next Wednesday looks to be well-below average: less than a half inch for most of North Alabama and even less in Tennessee.

The cooler air moving in Wednesday night isn’t record-breaking, and it really isn’t that ‘cold’ even by April standards. It’s more the duration of the cool spell than the depth of the cold this time! Expect below-average temperatures for the rest of the week, the weekend, and most of next week, too.

In fact, the weather looks cooler-than-average and drier-than-average through at least April 23rd.

For what it’s worth right now we don’t see a threat of a widespread frost or freeze in North Alabama’s future; however, a night or two in the 30s is possible! If you’re in one of the usual ‘cold spots’ around, don’t be surprised to hear advice to protect plants a few times next week.

What happens after April 23rd?

There are some signs of a pattern shift toward stormy, warmer weather in the final week of the month. No details now, no real certainty now: it’s just a ‘look’ that gives us pause in saying severe weather season is ‘over.’ It’s far from over; we’re just getting a nice break in the middle of it!

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