Cold Front Brings Storms Monday


Watching next week’s front: A cold front will move across the central and eastern U.S. next week, bringing with it the chance for storms.

Some of our forecast models suggest this front will be accompanied by an upper level pattern that could support strong storms somewhere across the mid or deep south. There’s still a lot of uncertainty regarding exactly how this system will come together, but it’s something we are watching closely. The Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma is watching this system closely as well. Here’s what they have to say about it.

 A severe threat could continue into Monday across parts of the
   mid/lower MS Valley vicinity eastward toward the Appalachians as the
   cold front continues to surge eastward. A very moist airmass will be
   in place downstream of the front, but timing differences in the
   eastward progression of the front among various model output is
   large, decreasing forecast confidence. The cold front will continue
   to shift eastward across the eastern U.S. and is expected to move
   offshore most of the Atlantic coast by Wednesday morning. Depending
   on timing, some severe threat is possible across parts of the
   Carolinas and Mid-Atlantic, but again, confidence remains low.

The primary take-away here is that uncertainty is high with this setup right now, but the ingredients for a few strong or severe storms COULD come together, but we aren’t confident enough to say that they will over our area just yet.

As we head into the second half of October, we start to enter severe weather season again. Now is a good time to think about how to be prepared for the upcoming season. One way is to download our Live Alert 19 app. You can download the app here. 

We could see some rain this weekend as well. The latest on our forecast is available here. 


Meteorologist Alex Puckett



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