Bundle up Monday!! Wind, clouds putting the BRRR in DecemBRRR

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Admittedly, December is *supposed* to be cold, but after weekend temperatures in the 60s, Monday morning will feel like a very cold shock to the system!

Northwesterly winds will continue to usher in a blast of chilly air into the Tennessee Valley, and morning temperatures will start in the low 30s. However, it will feel even colder due to the wind chill! “Feels like” values will start off in the low to mid 20s Monday morning and only rise to the mid 30s in the afternoon.

However, clouds will also cover the afternoon sky, blocking any warmth from the sun. Afternoon high temperatures will struggle to climb into the low 40s, but coupled with the wind, it will feel much colder than the thermometer reports!

A few flurries are possible Monday morning through early afternoon, however little to no accumulation is expected.

Protect the 4 P’s: Pipes, People, Pets, and Plants

The clouds will thin out after sundown Monday, and temperatures will continue to drop into the mid 20s overnight into Tuesday morning.

This is cold enough to warrant letting water faucets drip overnight, especially in areas of buildings that have poor temperature regulations near the pipes. While the precaution may seem a little “overkill”, it is better to let the faucets drip overnight versus a frozen pipe bursting and causing thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.

From Monday morning through overnight Tuesday, it would be wise to consider impacts due to prolonged exposure outside. Anyone standing outside at the bus stop or working for long periods of time should be mindful to dress in layers, take breaks inside a warm building or vehicle, and monitor for signs of hypothermia.

The same precautions should be made for pets: While a supervised walk or stroll outside for a short amount of time should be fine, pets should not be left outside without shelter Monday evening through Tuesday morning, as morning lows will fall into the low to mid 20s in usual “cold spots” and upper 20s closer to town.

While many cold hardy plants should be able to withstand these temperatures, any sensitive indoor houseplants that were moved outdoors this weekend should be transported back inside or protected Monday night ahead of the hard freeze expected Tuesday morning.

Thawing out the rest of the week

As cold as the beginning of the week will be, temperatures moderate nicely in time for the weekend. The average high for the first week of December is around 57 degrees, and thermometers will reach this territory for the second half of the week.

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