Big Warm-Up Coming!


After another chilly night with some scattered frost, the warm-up is on the way…

It got cold on Wednesday morning, and it’s going to get cold again early Thursday. It got as cold as 32ºF in Valley Head and 39ºF in Huntsville on April 1st; expect something similar on Thursday morning. By Thursday afternoon, though, the warm-up begins!

The “average” high in early April is around 70ºF, but there’s more to what’s normal for a date than the average.

What is average anyway?

In climatology, it’s the average of 30 years’ worth of data. So an average high for a single date is 30 points of data, summed up and divided by thirty. What you miss in an average is the typical range!

In this case, the normal (typical) range is around 9.2ºF for the high temperature and 8.6ºF for the low temperature.

So the average high for April 2nd is 70ºF. That means if we’re between 61ºF and 79ºF, that’s right about where we should be in early April. Quite the range, huh?

It’s the difference between a long-sleeve kind of day and a day warm enough to think about running the air conditioner.

Cold snap ends, warming trend begins

Huntsville’s high on April First did hit 62ºF. While that technically falls inside the “normal range,” it wasn’t very warm!

If you’re looking for some warmth, just give it some time.

By the weekend, we’re above average, and next week is looking more like the springtime warmth you’d expect: 70s and 80s with daily chance of some rain and thunderstorms.

The weather pattern favors warmth over cold through April 11th.

That’s not to say we are completely safe from another cold snap, but there’s not much threat of any more frosty weather beyond this week.

Looking for the rest of the forecast? It’s always online at and in the “Daily Forecast” section on Live Alert 19!

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