Another chance of some snow on the horizon?


Watching a storm system that brings a better chance of rain than snow for Monday, but there’s still time to watch it for a shift to the east…

The Thursday night/Friday morning ‘snow’ was a major let down for about 97% of North Alabama and Southern Tennessee. The other 3% got a nice 0.5″ to 3″ snowfall!

Huntsville is still in a snow drought, though. The official reporting station (Huntsville International Airport) has not measured more than an inch of snow since February 25, 2015. Technically, we have one inch of snow on the record for March 5. 2015; that was actually sleet that got recorded as snowfall.

Two thousand one hundred forty-four days separate us from our last ‘big’ snow.

Could Monday be the one, or will it be another disappointment?

Could Monday be the one, or will it be another disappointment?

Plan for another disappointing snow show: flakes mixed with rain except in a few areas of northwestern Alabama and Southern Tennessee.

Some accumulation is possible; however, it’s not exactly likely. You may see some significant snow to the west over Mississippi and Louisiana with this one, but it will lose a lot of its punch (and run out of cold-enough air) by the time it gets to North Alabama.* What’s the asterisk for you ask? While MOST of us won’t get much if anything at all, SOME communities may see a covering of snow up to 1.5″ near the Mississippi border in Northwest Alabama. SOME in Southern Tennessee may see the same. It’s just not ALL.

And…no one single run of a model is going to make it or break it. The trend is our friend; we’ll be watching it to see if there’s enough cold air at all levels to make this happen…or if it’s going to be nothing but a cold rain.

Temperature profiles show that it’s more than a surface reading involved in the chance of snow.

After this shot at rain and snow, the temperature moderates some next week: potentially touching 60°F briefly next Thursday ahead of another blast of cold air from the north!

Looking for the rest of the forecast? It’s always online at and in the “Daily Forecast” section on Live Alert 19!

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