After A Soggy Start To 2020, Some Rain Wouldn’t Hurt!


I don’t think I would ever say this in 2020, but we need rain. It was so wet to start the year including Alabama Highway 101 flooding two years in a row south of the Wheeler Dam. We have flipped the switch as of late! We are in a drier stretch since May across the Tennessee Valley after starting 2020 extremely soggy. Looking at the overall numbers, it’s deceiving. 

2020 Summary

Digging a little deeper, the detailed numbers make you take a step back. Yes, we started wet. Now, we haven’t had much rainfall since the spring.

Wet start —drier last couple of months

Looking at August, we are stuck at 0.50″ almost halfway through the month. It’s only rained twice at Huntsville International Airport. Historically, August is the second driest month of the year behind October. We are in the middle of our dry season!

Northeast Alabama is in the ‘dry’ category for now. With rain on the way in the coming days, we’ll see if we can improve our numbers.

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