After A Soggy Start To 2020, It’s Dry! A Little Rain Wouldn’t Hurt…Here’s Why.

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After a soggy start to 2020, I don’t think you would hear me say, “We need some rain!” We’ve only had two days of measurable rainfall at Huntsville International Airport this month. We are almost halfway through May with only 0.91″ after getting off to a wet start to 2020.

We are still way above average for 2020, but it’s been dry lately!

Proceed With Caution

Remember 2019? It started off the same way! We couldn’t get rid of the rain to start the year. Alabama Highway 101 flooded in Town Creek for the second straight year. What happened? It dried out in the summer and we ended up with a ‘flash drought.’

  • NOAA Definition: Flash drought refers to relatively short periods of warm surface temperature and anomalously low and rapid decreasing soil moisture. Therefore, both are agricultural droughts.

2019 dried out in a hurry over the summer.

Dry Summer Led To A “Flash Drought”

We don’t have anything to worry about right now, but the prospects for rain aren’t very high in the coming days. A large ridge along the east coast will keep the storm track to our north. At least that diminishes are changes for severe weather.

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