A Few Isolated Storms Today: Flash Flooding Possible

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6:10 PM update: some locally-heavy storms across North Alabama and Southern Tennessee have caused wind damage and flash flooding along with some hail.  Storms fade away through 8 PM, and the chance of rain is LOWER Wednesday; however, even a ‘low’ chance of a storm means the same kind of weather could happen again – just in fewer ‘spots.’


A few heavy downpours today: As we head into the heat of the afternoon, the atmosphere will be primed to support a few thunderstorms. As the heat and humidity builds, so does the potential energy in the atmosphere.

The potential energy for thunderstorms to tap in to will be increasing this afternoon.

We call that energy CAPE, or Convective Available Potential Energy. What that boils down to is that this is a measure of how much energy a storm could tap in to in a given spot. On days like today, those values can get high enough to support a few impactful storms. Having said that, there’s no big trigger for storms today. That means that a few isolated storms will pop up across the area, rather than more widespread scattered storms.

Isolated storms pop up today.

While a lot of spots miss out on these, those who do see a storm today may see some gusty winds and frequent lightning. Remember, these storms have a lot of energy to tap in to.

The best advice for this afternoon is to just head indoors if you start to hear thunder. Today is a great example of a day that Live Alert 19 comes in handy. It can give you that tap on the shoulder to let you know one of those more intense storms is on the way.

Download Live Alert 19 for iOS or Android.


– Meteorologist Alex Puckett

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