A Dry Saturday: time for Spring planting?


Rain ends before sunrise Saturday, but the clouds will be hard to move out for Saturday. Expect a cloudy, cool day; compared to the past few days, temperatures in the 50s and lower 60s may feel downright chilly with a light breeze and a partly cloudy sky.

Sunday looks gray and damp at times. A wave of scattered showers brings another dose of wet weather; rainfall will be uneven and generally light. Temperatures start out in the 40s Sunday morning; the afternoon warm-up depends on the rain: most of us between 60ºF and 65ºF.

More rain and warm weather on the way!

March has been warm! Huntsville’s monthly average temperature so far is 5.1ºF above average, and after our brief ‘cool down’ this weekend, it gets warmer again.

We also get more rain: potentially a lot of it! Heavy rain and storms move in again on Monday and Tuesday. It won’t rain ‘all day long’ both days, but you can look forward to several waves of rainy, stormy weather.

It’s dry on Saturday. Another batch of light rain moves through on Sunday. Heavier rain and storms are likely Monday and Tuesday, and then the rain finally slows down enough to call it a ‘low chance’ by Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

The air is a little cool for the weekend, but it warms up significantly next week!

Montgomery, Alabama hit a record high of 88ºF Friday; Huntsville International only got to 72ºF, but even that was six degrees above average! Huntsville still hasn’t hit 80ºF this season, but it sure looks like we will get close to it next week.

Is it time for gardens yet?

In short, no. It’s not advisable to plant more than you could protect in the event of a sneaky late-season frost or freeze. While we don’t see that in the near future (7-10 days), there’s always a chance through mid-April.

So plant your spring gardens, flowers, etc. only if you fit these categories:

  • Willing to risk a frost (mainly the usual cold areas outside Huntsville)
  • Able to protect plants if frost becomes a threat.

What are the odds of another frost? The chance is low, but it’s not zero. For Huntsville, it’s a 10% chance or less. For the ‘microclimates’ that tend to get colder at night like Valley Head, Fayetteville, New Market, Fayetteville, Winchester and so on, the chance is a little higher: closer to 25 percent.

What about wild onion mowing? That’s next week! Follow the link below for more information on the onion forecast!

Looking for the rest of the forecast? It’s always online at WHNT.com/Weather and in the “Daily Forecast” section on Live Alert 19!

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