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This is fairly standard ‘stuff’ for Alabama and Tennessee in June and July:

Any storms this time of year can get rough: strong winds, small hail, torrential rain and frequent, dangerous lightning!

Most of the time we think of the Spring as our ‘severe weather season,’ but Alabama and Tennessee actually see about the same amount of severe weather (mainly from strong wind gusts) in June and July that we do in March!

We don’t get a LOT of tornadoes in June and July in North Alabama or Tennessee; they can happen, but it isn’t necessarily something we expect a lot of this time of year. Most of the ‘severe’ storms are from strong downbursts (sometimes they’re “microbursts”). You can read more about why summer storms can get so rough here:

Severe weather climatology for North Alabama, Middle and East Tennessee and Northwest Georgia

The chance of some heavy storms peaks Friday, then it falls again as storms become less numerous (but still locally-heavy where they happen) over the weekend.

We’ll be watching the edge of a strong, hot area of high pressure for thunderstorm development on Friday. Those storms would likely develop northwest of Alabama and Tennessee and come blasting through sometime in the afternoon or evening. (Timing is not certain right now!)

The hot air out west helps fuel waves of heavy storms around Ala. and Tenn. through Friday evening

Into the weekend, we still have some scattered storms. And we’ll still have some heavy ones. And we still expect at least a few of them to get ‘rough’ with strong winds, heavy rain and a lot of lightning.

Looking for the rest of the forecast? It’s always online at and in the “Daily Forecast” section on Live Alert 19!

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