2020 Rain Very Similar To 2019


Hard to believe we had more rain in 2019 at this point than 2020

Remember that scene in the movie “Groundhog Day” where Bill Murray asked Mrs. Lancaster if she had experienced ‘deja vu?’ Well, you might be thinking the same thing when we compare 2020’s rainfall totals to last year. Check out the comparison: 

This looks familiar. We had over seven inches of rain in January both years. Hard to believe we had an even wetter February in 2019. We still have a  little less than a couple of weeks left in March to add to that 3.86″ rainfall total. 

Remember how Alabama Highway 101 was closed last month? Well, it was closed in the exact same spot in 2019 with over foot of rain in the month of February. What does the rest of the year have in store? Not 100% sure. We had a dry period in May, 2019. We also had drought conditions take over in the late summer. Only time will tell! Heavy rain is in the forecast Friday with more wet weather on Sunday.

Alabama Highway 101 from February, 2019. Photo by Meteorologist Ben Smith.

Check out the video from February, February 2020. Look familiar?

Data pix.

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