Temperatures will gradually climb throughout the week with high temperatures forecast in the low to mid-70s by Friday. By the afternoon on Friday, temperatures will be 15 to 20 degrees above average and nearing record territory. The record high temperature in Huntsville for Dec. 10 is 76 degrees from 2007.

This is the 8th-warmest start to a December on record in Huntsville (Dec. 1-Dec. 6) with an average monthly temperature of 56 degrees. Looking at climate data, the NAO, or North Atlantic Oscillation, and the AO, or Arctic Oscillation are both forecast to be positive through mid-December. The North Atlantic Oscillation in the positive phase favors higher pressure over the eastern U.S. and warmer-than-average temperatures. The Arctic Oscillation in the positive phase typically leads to the jet stream staying well north, leading to fewer cold air outbreaks. Global models also show that temperatures will most likely be warmer-than-average through at least mid-December and the Climate Prediction Center agrees.

Their latest outlook for Dec. 13 through Dec. 17 favors above-average temperatures for our area during this period. Average lows are in the upper 30s and average highs are in the upper 50s for our area during this time of year.

You can always get the latest video forecast and discussion here: https://whnt.com/weather/

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