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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – People lined the streets of downtown Huntsville for the 2021 Veterans Day Parade. This year’s theme was ‘honoring all who served.’

Led by Mayor Tommy Battle and local veterans, the parade honored those who have fought for our country and defended our freedom.

Mayor Battle said the parade is a way for the community to come together. “This is our veterans parade and it’s about honoring all who’ve served. Every one of those who’ve served have gone off and done great things for our country.”

The parade attracted people of all ages who wanted to show their support for local veterans.

Mitchel Packard is looking forward to when he will be old enough to serve, but until then he enjoys meeting and getting to know those who have. “I met a World War II veteran at a public restaurant and I know a ton of Vietnam veterans and Desert Storm veterans. All that good stuff.”

Packard isn’t the only one who looks forward to the parade every year, Michael Weeks has carried the same flag while watching the parade for ten years now. But, Weeks says, for him, the celebration of veterans goes on all year. “My grandmother has a first cousin that died in World War II so I walk through the memorial here about five times a week to give him knuckles. It’s very special, very special.”

Mayor Battle also wants to sincerely thank all veterans, not only in Huntsville, but across the country.