We Chunk Junk: Spring cleaning that saves you time and money

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) – Spring officially arrives Friday, March 20th — whew!

One thing that spring brings, for some, is a need to clean out.

Alan Snider, of Athens, wants to help you chunk your junk and save money. His company is called “We Chunk Junk”.  He and his guys are moving into their busy season for junk removal in north Alabama.

“We’ve gone through a long winter, obviously, and people are ready to clean out and get their garages cleaned out, get their houses cleaned out,” said Snider.

He goes all over the Tennessee Valley telling residents “We chunk junk,” then showing how his service can save them money.

“We save people time and that’s, in essence, saving money,” Snider said.

Admittedly, he tries not to chunk everything, because he knows one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure.  “If it’s in your way, it’s junk to you, but it may not be junk to someone else.

Snider charges anywhere from $59 to remove one item up to a few hundred dollars to get rid of an entire truck load of stuff someone wants gone. He’s been doing it for five years and tries not to contribute to the landfill.

“We donate what we can and we recycle what we can,” he said.

WHNT NEWS 19 caught up with him at the “Saks on 72 Thrift Store” in Madison, where he was unloading his truck of treasures.  All the former owner had to do was watch Snider and his crew work.

“Customer doesn’t have to do anything,” Snider insisted.  “The value in what we do is that we save people time.  We’ve been told that jobs that take us an hour and a half, the customer will tell us, man it would have taken me a day.

It’s spring cleaning without having to break a sweat.

Click here to contact Alan and his crew at We Chunk Junk.

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