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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — People will drive across the country to celebrate America’s independence this week. What all needs to be checked as drivers prepare to embark on this journey?

A recent study by GasBuddy shows gas price is at it’s highest point since 2014. The national average is estimated around $2.90. The Tennessee Valley, luckily, sits below the standard.

Dashboards project many symbols, especially in newer models. The lights are color-coded, much like a traffic light. Those colors are blue, green, red and yellow. Here’s a list of the many symbols in order of importance:

  • Transmission Temperature Light – the engine is overheating and coolant level is low.
  • ABS Brakes – indicate emergency brake is on, a problem with brake hydraulic system or brake fluid level is low.
  • Check Engine –  this could be single or multiple issues.
  • Battery – the object is not charging.
  • Oil Pressure – the pressure is low.
  • Power Steering  – steering fluid needs to be added. Note, some models do not require fluid. Make sure to read your manual to know.
  • Tire Pressure Lights – the amount is deteriorating and will need to be filled.

Law enforcement officers also remind drivers to wear seat belts, pay attention to your speed, do not text while you drive and never drink and drive. .