Stay warm, save money with a few minor changes in and around your home

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Photo: MGN Online

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – With the temperatures bottoming out this week across the Tennessee Valley, you might expect to feel a chill when you get the bill for trying to keep warm.

There are some things you can do to avoid a monstrous power bill and keep costs reasonable.

First, officials with the Tennessee Valley Authority say they are making available the resources needed to handle a 150% increase in power demand from this past Sunday’s cold weather.

So, there should be enough to go around.

You can reduce your use of electricity and save on power bills with a few simple money-saving moves:

1.   Despite how cold it’s going to be, turn down your thermostat — even just a little.   Experts say every degree you reduce the heat below 68 degrees can save 3% or more on your power bill.

2.   Plan to put on an extra layer of clothing, even while inside your home.

3.   While the wind and temperatures will be cold, the sun will be out.  Open up your window shades to let the natural heat warm your home.

4.   Make sure fireplace dampers and other outside vents are closed.

5.   Reduce hot water use by taking shorter showers.

6.   For laundry, use cold water for the rinse cycle.  For washing dishes, let them air-dry instead of using the washer’s heat-drying option.

7.   When cooking, use the microwave.  It uses less heat than a stove burner.