Not sleeping well? Put down that phone, or try one of these

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Photo illustration of the difference between an iPhone’s regular display (left) and the warmer tones of the new Night Shift feature (right). (Image Credit:

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(HUNTSVILLE, Ala.) – Tired of tossing and turning at bedtime? Your late-night Facebook or Instagram check-ins may be to blame.

If you’re one of the many people who use smartphones or tablets before bedtime, maybe even while in bed, you may be suffering from the negative effects of display screens on the body’s natural sleep cycles. Studies show the bright blue glowing light common to our devices can disrupt our circadian rhythms.

Apple’s new iOS 9.3 mobile operating system includes a feature called “Night Shift” designed to mitigate this problem. Once you upgrade to the latest OS, head to Settings, then Display & Brightness. When you turn on Night Shift, your phone will automatically enable the feature based on sunrise and sunset times in your current location.

You can also manually set times, or adjust the color temperature on a sliding scale.

If you have an older Apple device, or are an Android user, you’re not totally out of luck. There are a number of apps that may work for you.
As CBS News reports, Twilight, NightOwl, Bluelight Filter, EyeFilter can all be found in Google Play and offer an array of features to “adapt your screen’s display light to warmer, more sleep-friendly tones in the nighttime hours.”