Looking for the sold out Nintendo Switch? Here’s how to find one…

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Nintendo Switch Box

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The Nintendo Switch gaming console remains sold out nearly everywhere. It is possible to find one though, with a little determination and some digital tools.

Since the system’s launch last month, demand for Switch has surged, in large part because of very strong reviews for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Gamers and parents of gamers searching for a Switch in the Tennessee Valley (or anywhere nationwide) face an up-hill battle. Toys R’ Us, Walmart, GameStop and Best Buy have all seen restocks of the console; only to have the systems gone from shelves within minutes or hours.

If you’re determined to find one, here are some suggestions for improving your odds.

Restocking Websites

These websites offer inventory tracking services with varying degrees of accuracy. Some offer “alert” functions to minimize the time you need to spend actively searching.

Two to consider trying are istocknow.com (which includes an interactive map) or nowinstock.net.

Retailer apps

Some retailers like Target and Walmart offer stock tracking within their mobile apps or online. Walmart’s app, for example, let’s you select a “home store” and compare inventory there to online inventory. The apps are updated regularly but if you’re really eager to get your Switch, it’s best to cross-check websites and apps before driving to the nearest store. You’re more likely to spot an inconsistency that way. Even so, you may find inaccurate information.

Phone calls

Retail workers everywhere will hate the suggestion, but it never hurts to pick up the phone and call your nearest Switch seller. Ask for a manager, who might be more knowledgeable about re-stocking times/shipments and try to be as polite as possible. A little kindness goes a long way.