Four arrested in Morgan County meth bust

This Morning
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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT)- Four people are waking up behind bars this morning on a variety of meth related charges.

The Morgan County drug task force and sheriff’s deputies made the arrests last night in the 300 block of Gum Springs Cutoff Rd.  The deputies were serving an arrest warrant when they saw a man attempt to flush drugs down the toilet in the home. Task force agents say they also found meth and meth-making equipment inside the home.

Four adults along with a nine-month-old baby were in the home. The child is now in DHR custody.
These are the names of those arrested: 26-year old Megan Linderman, 20-year-old Elizabeth Ash, 28-year old Jonathan Farley and 31-year-old James Grantland.

All four of them face drug-related charges. Child endangerment charges are also pending.
Remember, if you see meth, you can stop meth. Call the tipline at 1-866-303-meth. That’s 1-866-303-6384. See meth, stop meth is part of the Kids To Love Foundation.



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