Donald Trump says he fears “rigged” election in November

This Morning
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Donald Trump is raising eyebrows with a preemptive criticism of the upcoming general election.

At a rally in Columbus, Ohio on Monday Trump said, “I’m afraid the election’s gonna be rigged. I have to be honest. I hear more and more that the election on November 8th. Can you believe we’re almost there?”

This is just the latest complaint about the election process to come from the Republican presidential nominee. As CBS News reports, “The business mogul has already complained about the dates of the presidential debates that were set by a bipartisan commission in September of last year, upset that two of the three debates will be up against National Football League games.”

In what was supposed to be an impromptu press conference Monday, Trump also began sounding off about a fire marshal, just as he did last Friday in Colorado.

“Just want to tell you – we’ve had thousands of people outside, thousands,” Trump said, according to CBS News, “They were turned away by – for political reasons – purely for political reasons.”

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