Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday: When will you get the better buys?

This Morning
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Black Friday and Cyber Monday will both feature some big deals. In fact, many retailers now blur the two traditional shopping days together into one long discount period.

For some items though, it can pay (in big savings) to purchase on one day or the other.

According to and deal-hunting expert Rebecca Lehmann, a manager of content marketing for Brad’s Deals, here are some categories to consider buying during each day…

Black Friday

Apple products – The tech giant rarely offers big discounts on its best selling items, so you might want to shop for deals at retailers like Wal-Mart, Target or Best Buy. These stores will often offer a gift card with purchase, increasing the overall value of your buy.

Blu-rays and DVD – These are often a steal on Black Friday. Some advertisements for 2016 are listing popular titles for as low as $5 or less, including Doorbuster deals.

TVs and cameras – These are often a big enticement deal to get buyers in the door. Some of the best markdowns are Doorbusters and in limited supply. Big screen, 4K HDTVs and Smart TVs in particular are seeing some of the biggest discounts this year. Another advantage to buying on Black Friday? You can check out each model and compare them in-store.

Cyber Monday

Airfare – Cyber Monday is traditionally a day boasting big discounts on airfares. Make sure to check out discount carriers including JetBlue and Virgin America, as well as the traditional airlines. Be on the lookout as well for blackout dates over big holidays.

Computers and laptops – Retailers like Amazon and Newegg, an online computer goods store, will often go big on Cyber Monday. Accessories and other computer gear is also typically heavily discounted.

Online-only stores – Retailers like Amazon, Etsy or Overstock don’t have shops to open up on Black Friday, so it makes sense that they would traditionally go big on Cyber Monday. Although online shopping for Black Friday has grown in recent years, many great, exclusive buys can still be found Monday morning.