Amy Schumer is the most dangerous celebrity online

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Intel has released a list of most dangerous celebrities online and comedienne Amy Schumer tops the risk rankings.

According to company data, analyzed in the McAfee Most Dangerous Celebrities™ study, a search for the “Trainwreck” and “Inside Amy Schumer” star has more than a 16 percent chance of connecting you with a website carrying malware or viruses.

Intel Security researched “a broad list of well-known figures including actors, comedians, musicians, TV hosts, athletes” to generate its 10th annual list.

Justin Bieber was number two on the list, with a 15 percent chance of linking you to malware.

Here’s Intel’s list of the top ten most dangerous celebs to search for online, based on its security data:

  1. Amy Schumer – 16.11% risk
  2. Justin Bieber – 15%
  3. Carson Daly – 13.44%
  4. (tie) Will Smith – 13.44%
  5. Rihanna – 13.33%
  6. Miley Cyrus – 12.67%
  7. Chris Hardwick – 12.56%
  8. Daniel Tosh – 11.56%
  9. Selena Gomez – 11.11%
  10. (tie) Kesha – 11.11%

Experts recommend using a good anti-virus software on your smartphone or computer. If you’re a fan of celebrity news and gossip, try to search for news items via reputable sources as much as possible.


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