Widower Can’t Get Grave Marker Delivered Six Months After Wife’s Death

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Putting a loved one to rest is hard for all of us. A Madison County man buried his wife in March. But, there’s a problem surrounding his wife’s final resting place. A lot of people can’t find it.

David Hughes contacted WHNT NEWS 19. Hughes problem comes down to someone not delivering a grave marker to his wife’s grave. You would think this could be resolved by Hughes making one phone call. But, that didn’t work. He’s called the person responsible for delivering the marker several times. He can’t get anyone to pick-up the phone or return the call.

Hughes could write a fairy tale.

“Fourteen and half years. The best years of my life,” said Hughes.

He would make a girl named Betty the main character.

“It’s just kind of living in a dream. We got along. If there is such a thing as a soul mate, she was mine,” added Hughes.

The end came in the early morning of March 2, 2103. Hughes’ princess woke up feeling sick in the stomach. Both got out of bed and prepared to visit the emergency room.

“I turned to get her house coat. When I turned back around, I could tell she was about to fall. I grabbed her and we both went down to the floor,” added Hughes.

Hughes called 911. Paramedics arrived at the home. Hughes knew Betty’s life was over when she hit the floor.

“It about blew me away. I mean it was the hardest thing I ever been involved in,” added Hughes.

Hughes and his family gave Betty a funeral. He paid almost $1,500 for his wife’s grave marker. Bonds and Associates of Albertville was to make the marker and deliver it to the cemetery by June 15,2013.

“I have made a minimum of five calls to Mr. Bonds. Every time, it’s going to be here a week later or two weeks later. The last time, as you can see on this card, I talked to him on July 29, 2013. He told me it would be here on August 3rd or 10th,” added Hughes.

Betty is resting without a marker nearly six months after her death.

Hughes added, “It just doesn’t add up. To me, my patience has run out. I think the man needs to be exposed. Then, he will have the chance to make everything right.”

Hughes spent 30 years working in the business world and says he would never treat a customer like this.

“I like to believe in people. But, like I said, this guy has worn me out. He has totally worn me out,” added Hughes.

He felt the need to contact “Fighting for You”.

“It’s not the money as much as it is about me wanting something there, so people can know where my wife is,” said Hughes.

Hughes is still hurting from the loss of his wife. He says knowing she doesn’t have a grave marker doesn’t help.

“It’s embarrassing for me because I know it is right here, but I don’t know if it is there, here or here,” added Hughes.

WHNT NEWS 19 made a call to Lavail Bonds after interviewing Hughes. Bonds is the owner of the Albertville company where Hughes purchased the grave marker. Bonds told WHNT NEWS 19 he was working hard to get Betty’s grave marker and even harder to install it. He hoped to get the marker last week.

UPDATE: Bonds installed the grave marker as he said he would. Hughes told WHNT NEWS 19 the grave marker was there at Betty’s final resting place. Hughes told WHNT NEWS 19 he could not be happier.

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