UPDATE: MAPCO CEO addresses fuel mix up

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- On Monday, a fuel mix up affected two MAPCO gas stations in the Tennessee Valley area. A third party accidentally put diesel fuel in the unleaded tanks in Huntsville and Madison.

One station is located at University Drive and Memorial Parkway in Huntsville. The other is at Highway 72 and County Line Road in Madison, next to the Kroger construction site.

MAPCO CEO Andy Scoggins said they have over 200 customers with damage to their vehicles. From the beginning MAPCO said they will assume responsibility, and take care of the people involved.

A viewer emailed WHNT News 19 with a question about the incident. According to a google search MAPCO had a problem with mix ups at a few stations in Nashville earlier this year. He wondered if this kind of thing is not unusual for MAPCO. WHNT News 19 took action to clear up any uncertainty.

Scoggins said what happened at their stations in Nashville is a completely unrelated incident.

"This is an entirely different situation. We have not had somebody deliver diesel fuel and put it literally in the wrong unleaded tank the way this happened. This was a new situation for us," he explained.

Scoggins said this mix up was an honest mistake, but that's not to say they don't face problems from time to time.

"There are times where you'll get heavy rain, where you'll get water that can sometimes get in the tanks. We've had to do some things to take care of our customers in that regard, so we know the protocols to correct this and fix this very quickly," he said.

Scoggins said right now their technology allows them to pick up on water problems, but not fuel on top of fuel.

"We're actually working through some technology options that we believe are going to be available to us to prevent anything like this happening to us in the future," he said.

When a car breaks down, it's a big burden. Scoggins knows this, and he said when that happens they can't act fast enough.

"MAPCO'S responsible, we're taking the lead on taking care of our guests.  We're the ones who want to regain our community's trust," he said.

MAPCO is encouraging any of their guests affected to call their claims number at 844-413-4044.

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