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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A Huntsville homeowner reached out to WHNT News 19 after she could not get a contractor she hired to call her back nor finish the work at her property. The woman, who does not want to be named, trusted Home Advisor to pair her with a company who could put in a new sidewalk and concrete driveway at her new place.

Home Advisor, an online company who matches people with contractors in their area, put her in touch with Montereous Collier: a man who made big promises.

“He said, he’s with Dom Concrete, he was wearing a Dom Concrete t-shirt on him,” the homeowner said.

Home Advisor removed Montereous Collier and Dom Concrete from their network of contractors after WHNT News 19 and the women started calling them. Despite my numerous calls and emails, they would not speak with me in an interview but did release this statement.

“We are saddened to hear when a homeowner has a negative experience with a pro in our network. The service provider in question was removed from our network and has been permanently banned from our platform. We are reaching out to the homeowners to see how we can help.”

The Madison County License Department did confirm Collier has a license under Dom Concrete.

“He brought his equipment the same day and he said he’s ready to go for work,” the homeowner said. “I advanced him close to $10,000. He did some work the day when he took the check. The second day it was raining so I thought, ‘Okay, he may not come back.’ After that, I kept calling him for three weeks, no response. He did not answer any of my phone calls.”

The woman who owns the new house was curious. She searched his name online.

“When I pull up his name on Google, he has prior scams against his name,” the homeowner said. “Channel 19 already put out his name.

Sylvia Self, a woman who lives in Limestone County, also trusted Home Advisor to pair her with a contractor who could build a drain. They sent her a repeat offender.

“He was supposed to dig this trench at least 18 inches deep, put pea gravel down, which he never brought,” Self said during a March 2018 interview.

WHNT News 19 featured Self’s story in March 2018. Two months before, she paid Collier $1,200.

“As you can see, we still have the trench,” Self said. “It’s raining like crazy today, my yard is flooded. Nothing’s been done.”

Self’s struggle goes beyond her backyard. She has an open case in Limestone County against Collier for theft of property.

Collier’s free from jail pending his upcoming May trial. Even with a court date looming, he’s apparently still ‘working.’

“We never wrote up a contract, he just kept making excuses,” the Huntsville homeowner exclaimed.

Both the homeowner and Self say Home Advisor failed them from the start by referring them to Collier and provided no help now.

“They will say, ‘We screen our contractors, we filter our contractors, we look up their criminal record.’ It’s all not correct in my opinion,” the homeowner said.

Self told me Home Advisor will not respond to her either. Then, I called them multiple times over a couple of weeks without any response until they finally emailed me four days after my deadline.

Home Advisor claims on their website they do criminal background checks. Besides the active case with Self in Limestone County, he has also pleaded guilty to fraud charges, and faced court-ordered judgments of tens of thousands of dollars to businesses and homeowners across Limestone and Madison Counties, court records show.

Home Advisor has not provided answers as to how and why Collier was paired with homeowners. Collier didn’t provide answers either. I spoke with him on the phone, asked him why he has not done the work at either women’s homes and if he thought he was a good contractor.

His response? He hung up on me. Just before that call on January 31, I asked him about whether he had a contract for the Huntsville homeowner’s job. He said he did have a contract on the work.

However, a week before that, I sat with the woman as she called Collier. He admitted to her on the phone that he never did write up a contract for her.

While Home Advisor promises they will work out a solution with the homeowner, WHNT News 19 will continue pushing them to make things right. In the meantime when it comes to Collier and Home Advisor, beware. For tips on how to protect yourself if you decide to move forward with a home renovation, click here.