TSA has some summer travel advice for passengers

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Summer can often mean more travel time for passengers,  but even the most frequent flyer can forget about those pesky liquids you have in your carry ons.

This is the TSA’s busiest time of the year. During these months agents are screening up to 2.5 million passengers a day.

“With summer travel you have a lot of new travelers or inexperienced travelers that fly as well,” said Mark Howell.

Howell is the TSA’s regional spokesman. He said if you don’t fly a lot it’s easy to forget what can and cannot go in your carry on bags. Howell said summer related liquids are a common problem.

“You’ll get those people who will get very upset when they come to the checkpoint with a sunscreen. It costs 15 or 20 dollars a bottle, but it will be over the 3.4 ounce liquid limit,” he said.

Howell said make sure you’re double checking what you have in your carry on luggage before you get to the airport. It can save you a lot of time.

“From something as small as a pocket knife to a firearm, and that’s really going to help us out in terms of processing passengers through the checkpoint in a quick manner,” he explained.

Speaking of time, Howell said getting through the doors of the airport two hours before your flight is a good general rule of thumb, especially during the summer when there’s more people. And make sure to budget time for finding a parking spot, and getting everything and everyone inside.

“Especially if you’re flying around those peak times in the morning and early afternoon. That will get you enough time to get you through ticketing, bag check process, through security and onto the gate,” said Howell.

And if you see yourself jet setting frequently this summer, Howell recommends TSA Pre-Check as an option.

“99.5 percent of passengers that have TSA Pre Check wait less than 5 minutes in a security line, so it’s definitely worth looking into if you travel more than a couple of times a year,” he said.

For some TSA resources to find a list of items you can bring on the plane, and those you can’t, you can find more information here.