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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – We’ve all paid a little more for something we thought wasn’t worth it. Sometimes food is pricier at one place and cheaper at another. The same can be said when it comes to towing costs.

A Huntsville woman could not believe how much she paid a tow company simply because they say she cursed!

Mahogony Grandison told WHNT News 19 a tow truck company applied a cursing surcharge to her towing bill. If this so-called cursing fee wasn’t enough, Grandison had to make more than one automatic teller machine transaction to take care of her total bill.

‘I love my car. I am going to ride it until the wheels fall off,” Grandison said while laughing.

Grandison wasn’t in such a happy mood a couple of weekends ago.

“Apparently, I was parked illegally. I take full responsibility for that,” said Grandison.

Grandison parked her car while visiting a friend at Lakeshore Crossing Apartments.

“It was my first time visiting. I didn’t know. My friend that lives there failed to tell me,” added Grandison.

Grandison noticed her car wasn’t the only one towed. She heard from others in her situation it would cost $200 to get her car back.

Grandison got a case of sticker shock when the tow truck company asked for $350.

“I was like ma’am, why am I being charged so much? You just told another young lady our cars are $200 a piece,” added Grandison.

WHNT News 19 found out the sudden $150 price-hike was for cursing. Grandison’s receipt backed up her story.

“They had scratched out some stuff and put $200 and at the bottom. They put $150 for foul language,” added Grandison.

Grandison asked WHNT News 19 to find out what’s up.

“I have seen your segment thousands of times, and was like I know someone can help me. I felt like you would be the perfect person that can help me out in this situation,” added Grandison.

So, WHNT News 19 called Affordable Towing.

An employee answered, “Wrecker service, can you hold one moment please.”

An employee picked up and that’s when it got interesting.

‘WHNT NEW 19 asked, “Do you guys charge when someone curses at your?”

“They called on her behalf. They threatened us. They cussed at us. I wrote foul language on there because I didn’t know what else to do,” said the unidentified employee.

Grandison told me no one called the company for her.

“I explained multiple times it was not me. I even apologized for the person who did curse them out. They were not hearing it,” added Grandison.

WHNT News 19 continued digging to get a better idea of what the company’s staff thought happened.

“She was threatening, cussing, saying she was going to do this and do that. We were being nice, coming out and letting her have her car after hours at 3:00 a.m.,” said Daniel Bradford, owner of Affordable Towing.

Both sides agreed, independently, things should have happened differently.

WHNT News 19 still had one question.

Why is there a cursing fee for $150 noted?

“Well, with all the harassment we had, we had to do something,” added Bradford.

The fee doesn’t break any consumer laws, but begs the question…

WHNT NEWS 19 asked should the owner have done that?

“Well, not really. Like I said, I talked to my wife and other drivers. We could, if she wants to make an agreement to come and apologize about what she did. We’ll agree to give her money back, or at least some of it,” added Bradford.

Employees at the tow truck company insist Grandison was a bad customer. They gave WHNT NEWS 19 a copy of a police report filed when Grandison was there to pick up her car. The report taken by Huntsville Police reads there was a verbal argument.

Still, the company is willing to make nice with Grandison. WHNT NEWS 19 thanks Mr. Bradford.