Taking Action to help a Scottsboro man get a car title

Taking Action

Remart Motors, Grant, AL (Photo: Al Whitaker, WHNT News 19)

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GRANT, Ala. - A Scottsboro man tells us he's been trying for nine months now to get the title for a truck he bought and paid cash for. Gerald Carter says the dealer has come up with an unbelievable list of excuses, but so far - no title.

Carter is quick to tell you the exact date his troubles began, “Since November 22, 2015." That’s the day he bought the Chevrolet pick-up from Remart Motors, in Grant.

Carter says he considers himself to be a patient man, but nine months is a long time to wait for a car title.

“It's just been one story after another. The most recent story was we found the paperwork, 'It never got sent off in the first place. And now we got it sent off, everything's going to be just fine,'” he says. That was week before last. As of Tuesday, still, no title. Carter says he really should have known better.

“Yeah, it was about 5 years ago on a different truck. It took about 7 months to get the title for that one. When I bought this one I asked them if we were going to have the same problem. They told me no, it wasn't going to be the same problem and they were right, it's been two months longer this time,” Carter laughs.

So we went to the lot where he bought the truck. The owner wasn't there but Brad Saylor, who sold Carter the truck, spoke with us. He says Carter is not a pleasant man when he's angry! Brad didn't want to talk on camera but told us, essentially, the same story Carter says he was most recently told; that they found the file and discovered the title application had simply never been mailed off. Saylor promises that's been corrected and says the title should arrive any day now. We are holding our breath, and will let you know what happens.

A few days after our interview, Carter filed a police report over the matter. Meanwhile, we’ve spoken to the Alabama Department of Revenue, who not only issues car titles but also automobile dealers licenses. We’ll follow this up as more information becomes available.