TAKING ACTION: Subdivision residents concerned about nearby gunshots

Taking Action
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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – Cheyenne Sanderson was thrilled when she and her husband bought their first home more than a year ago. The mother of two, a four-year old and four-month old, loved everything about her peaceful Owens Cross Roads neighborhood, until Sunday.

“We took the baby out in the stroller, walking down the road, then you start hearing gunshots going off,” she said.

Sanderson said the new neighbors have continued every day since.

“Every afternoon they’re out there firing their shotguns. Recklessly using these weapons while they’re drinking and then handing them to small children. It’s not an issue of them having and owning guns, it’s an issue of using them safely.””

Owens Cross Roads City ordinance states that a person cannot discharge a firearm within 400 feet of a house or roadway. The new neighbors reside just across city lines, in Madison County, which does not have any restrictions, and that makes nearly every one in the area uneasy.

“It’s a little unnerving,” said another concerned neighbor.

As an Army veteran she said she fought for her neighbors’ rights, but she wants them to do so responsibly.

“Nobody’s trying to infringe on their Second Amendment rights, at all. I own guns. It’s an issue of safety,” she said.

WHNT News 19 took action and spoke with the Owens Cross Roads Police Department. Officials there say they will continue to regularly patrol the area, but their hands are tied.

The issue lies within the jurisdiction of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, but until deputies can catch the neighbors discharging their firearms irresponsibly, their hands are also tied.

It is a problem without a clear solution, but Sanderson said it is clear, that one is needed.

“There’s way too many houses, there’s way too many kids and families that live around here, you can find somewhere else to shoot. You do not have to shoot beside where my kids play.”

WHNT News 19 will continue to take action to find a way for this issue to be resolved.

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